2 Minute Drill

2 Minute Drill

It’s been over ten years since the industry has seen a football game and ICE has designed a phenomenal package!

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The 2 minute drill is the most unique and interactive sports game. The playfield of the game is 100% interactive with FOUR random “pop” out targets in which your skill is definitely tested. It also includes 3 different sized scoring holes for each skill level. Play to achieve “hall of fame” status. A ticket dispenser is optional.


Dimensions: 120″D x 36″W x 106″H

Shipping Dimensions: 88″D x 41″W x 70″H (1 of 3) 39″D x 41″W x 67″H (2 of 3) 37″D x 43″W x 85″H (3 of 3)

Shipping Weight: 1200 lbs

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