Thousands of music videos. Hundreds of artists. The AMI Continental gives you a compelling music video experience and sleek, unmistakable style.

It’s more entertainment for patrons and more revenue for your location.

How Does It Work?

For an additional credit, song choices can be upgraded with an accompanying music video that plays on the connected screen. A distinct icon marks songs with available videos in search results and other menus. It’s simple, easy, and an effective way to boost revenue.

  • Patrons can browse the top videos on the AMI network or choose from local favorites
  • Music videos are intelligently offered at the purchase screen for supported songs
  • Fully compatible with the AMI BarLink mobile app
  • Video functionality requires a broadband connection and connected TV (not included)

If there’s no video playing, your Continental displays an eye-catching attract loop that promotes the music video features, along with clips from some of the coolest music videos available on the jukebox.

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