Pac-Man Smash

Pac-Man Smash

NAMCO has taken the concept of air hockey to a completely new level. Pac-Man Smash puts a new twist on the classic arcade game that will leave players wanting to play again while trying to catch their breaths at the same time.

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Dimensions: 102″W x 80″D x 86″H

 Shipping Dimensions: 39″W x 29″D x 69″H (1 of 3) | 61″W x 49″D x 69″H(2 of 3) | 62″W x 84″D x 29″H(3 of 3)

Shipping Weight: 245 lbs(1 of 3) | 740 lbs(2 of 3) | 485 lbs(3 of 3)

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