Wheel Deal 3 player

Wheel Deal 3 player

WHEEL DEAL features 1,2, or 3 thrilling game stations each with its own spinning wheel and unique jackpot values. Players get to test their skills by dropping either coins or tokens down a brightly colored ramp in an attempt to land in the specially marked WIN ZONES. There’s also an exciting 4-digit Jackpot at each of the stations. In fact, Benchmark provides the ultimate in versatility so that locations can customize their WHEEL DEAL to best suit audience needs and maximize revenues. There are up to 50 WIN ZONES per wheel with different wheel variations including Win Every Time, Win on Red or Black, and 50 Win Zones. And the game may be ordered with any combination of wheels to keep the game fresh and exciting, ensuring long-term earnings operators can take to the bank.

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Dimensions: 84″W x 30″D x 71″H

Shipping Dimensions: 34.5″W x 88.5″D x 79″H

Shipping Weight: 560 lbs

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